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Shiraz is located in central of Iran. The heartland of history, art, poetry or nature.Pleasant in every season thanks to a mild climate.It won’t take you long to realize that the few days allocated to Shiraz by classic tours and itineraries are not enough to fully enjoy the city but barely sufficient to make you understand that one day you will be back.Shiraz Hotel Offer is to see beauty of Shiraz in 4 days.We use every seconds and every minutes of your time here to show you beauty of Iran Shiraz and enjoy being here and memorized the enjoy.

Shiraz Hotel Offer

Day 1| History of Shiraz Empire of Cyrus


This tour starts from the morning and continues until the evening. This tour includes three important historical places: Persepolis,Necropolis,Pasargadae.During this time you will get acquainted with the Achaemenid emperor and the greatness of Persepolis. With its advanced architecture and mystery, the gates ,the stone carvings and etc.12 km after the palace of Persepolis is Necropolis. It is a place known as the Ka’bah of Zoroastrians, with special engravings. Finally Pasargadae  is the place where Darius the Great lies.

Day 2| Qajar & Zand dynastyGarden & Museum

The tour is divided into two parts: first half from morning to noon and second half from evening to night.During these two halves you will get acquainted with the gardens and museums of the Qajar and Zandee periods.
In zandieh periods you will visit Mohtasham’s house ,Arg of Karim Khan,Pars Museum Popularly known as the Museum Garden,Vakil bath(Museum of Anthropology),Vakil Bazzar,Vakil MosqueIn the Qajar period you will visit Qavam House(Museum of Antique objects),Zinat Al-Moluk House(Fars history museum),Tomb of Sheikh Roozbehan,Husseinieh Ghavam,Nasir-ol-molk House,Nasir-ol-molk MosqueDuring this tour, the architecture of the Karim Khan Zand organ and the mystery of the bath attorney and beauty pink mosque and the display of colorful gardens will delight you.

Day 3|IRANIAN LIFE STYLE Nature in the city

The tour take you to Iranian garden and life style of them.In the morning or evening you can see the beauty of gardens and traditional houses which design with mirror and stone caving.You will visit Delgosha Garden(Old radio museum),Baba Kuhi of Shiraz,Qur’an Gate,Khwaju Kermani tomb,Jahan Nama Garden,Eram Garden.

Day 4| Qalat village Calm & Cozy

Qalat of Shiraz is one of those villages that have long been the attraction of tourists and has become the promenade of many ancient Iranian kings. The three-seater capitals pass through rocky cliffs that have created a marvelous attraction. But if you are stuck in a crowded city Come to come here can be a way to save you. In the coming year, this village belongs to the centuries after Islam, and its reason for its popularity, except its calm and cozy, is its cool and lush climate.

Shiraz Hotel Offer
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