Souvashun Traditional House Shiraz Iran

Souvashun Traditional House Shiraz Iran

Souvashun Traditional House Shiraz Iran

About “Souvashun Traditional House Shiraz Iran”

Souvashun Traditional House Shiraz Iran is an old and unique house located in historical area of Shiraz. Souvashun Hostel was fresh and new some day,so many people live there,so many people began their life there.This house was a gift from owner to their grandchild. Souvashun traditional house – Hostel was built 120 years ago. His daughter and grand child decided to share this unique house to traveler and tourist who love local lifestyle and experience new things. They will welcome you with open doors, open hearts and open an Iranian old house, souvashon traditional house has stare to rooms. you see a wide yard with a pool in middle of the house.In the yard around the pool has chair and takht (it’s like a bed but not for lying. Its historical way for siting in yard) for siting and take a moment for joying tea, coffee and enjoy life. souvashon hostel start to be accommodation on 2016. Souvashon traditional house has indoor and outdoor restaurant.this guesthouse style is good for nowadays life and robotic life.its cozy so you can enjoy life there without thinking.

Souvashun Traditional House Shiraz Iran
Souvashun Traditional House

This Shiraz Hostel has good location.It’s near Qavam house, Zinal-al-mollk house and Nasir-al-molk mosque.You can go by yourself or take a tour.This accommodation in Shiraz is close to good restaurant like Sharze Restaurant, Vakil Restaurant and Qavam Restaurant.

JUST ONE POINT: Souvashun traditional house doesn’t have a bed,so experience new things! Sleep on the floor in ground!This is an old way!


Type Of Rooms

Souvashun traditional house has different type of room with different facilities.some of their room has bathroom some of them not. Souvashun hostel has 4 rooms with capacity of 20 tourists.All accommodation in Iran, Shiraz hotel and hostel in Shiraz has standard category.(twin-double-suite) All of rooms have air conditioner and heating i mentioned before the room doesn’t have a bed,you can sleep on traditional Toshak on the floor as seen in the photos.

Amenities of “Souvashun Traditional House Shiraz Iran”

The category of Souvashun house is hostel and traditional house. It’s budget hotel.This Shiraz hostel is good for the traveler want to save money and don’t expect luxury facilities. Souvashun house has simple facilities like bathroom and air conditioner.

Check in is 14 pm and check out is 11 pm,the door is not lockable (electronica lock).Reception is 24/7. Souvashun hostel has this facilities for every room laundry, with breakfast include, restaurant.

Local Food In Souvashon Hostel
Persian Dish For Food In Souvashun Hostel

From Souvashun Hostel To Tourist Attractions In Shiraz

Souvashun Hostel is located at historical place.Souvashun is near good restaurant like Sharze and Dash-akol and historical places like pink mosque( Nasir-al-molk– its historical mosque) Qavam House, Zinat-al-molk house and Vakil complex ( Vakil bath, Vakil bazaar, Vakil mosque ) . You can go there by yourself or get Iran tour for this places.


Contact “Souvashun Traditional House Shiraz Iran”

Souvashun Guesthouse Address is really easy to find.It’s located on Zand st, next to the Qavam house, Shiraz, Iran.for more information you can call them( +989179911533 ) or check the Souvashun website.

If you want to know about Iran sightseeing tourcontact us. we would be happy to help you.

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