Homayouni Hostel Shiraz Iran

Homayouni Hostel Shiraz Iran -yard view

Homayouni Hostel Shiraz Iran

Iran Shiraz Hotel

About “Homayouni Hostel Shiraz Iran”

Homayouni Hostel Shiraz Iran is a Qajari house located in historical area of Shiraz. This house has many story behind it,you can ask the owner of this traditional house to tell you about it.The Structure Homayouni house was back to 200 years ago.This Iran Shiraz traditional house rebuild on 2017-18 for accommodation in Shiraz.The goal of the hostel in Shiraz and traditional house in Shiraz is one thing,and it’s introduce culture of Iran to tourist,also Shiraz hotel have this goals too..the architecture of Homayouni hostel is qajar style.like the other house in qajar era,when you enter Homayouni guesthouse, you see a wide yard with a pool in middle of the house.In the yard around the pool has chair and takht (it’s like a bed but not for lying. Its historical way for siting in yard) for siting and take a moment for joying tea, coffee and enjoy life.This Shiraz hostel has indoor and outdoor restaurant.this guesthouse style is good for nowadays life and robotic life.its cozy so you can enjoy life there without thinking.all the room has the view of yard because of qajar style of this guesthouse.

Homayouni Hostel Shiraz Iran -yard view

This accommodation in Shiraz is close to most of the sights in Shiraz due to perfect location,for example its near Narenjestan Gardens, the Zinatallmolak House and …also near good restaurant like Shraz Restaurant, Kate Yogurt Restaurant, Vakil Restaurant and Qavam Restaurant. Homayouni hostel in Shiraz Iran have friendly atmosphere,they prepare small BBQ and Sharbat-khane( its a place for Persian beverages and Persian snacks) in rooftop for gathering.

Type of Rooms 

Saray-e Homayouni Hostel in Shiraz has 2 floors with 10 rooms.this hostel in Shiraz has capacity of 23 tourists.the type of room is triple room, double room and twin room.  All of the room has good view,if i want to explain it for you,A yard with a nice pool and beautiful flower. due to architecture of the house the rooms and whole place has spectacular works of art like tiling, mirror works, paintings.

Amenities of “Homayouni Hostel Shiraz Iran”

All the rooms in this Shiraz hostel have a private bathroom, refrigerator, and furniture,kitchen with amenities, parking, good view in to the yard, air conditioning, minibar.the good news is that the rooms are non-smoking. kids under 3 years of age are free of charges and kids within the age range of 3 to 7 are eligible to pay 50% of the costs only.breakfast is with bed.the other benefit of Saray-e Homayouni Hostel in Shiraz ( Homayouni hostel ) are high speed WiFi and the staff speak English, so you can communicate well there.The Homayouni restaurant serves traditional Iranian and traditional cuisine. Homayouni hostel has airport transfer and laundry like Shiraz hotel.just one point , Homayouni guesthouse has stairs on entrance of the room.


Homayouni Hostel Shiraz Iran

From Homayouni Hostel Shiraz Iran To Tourist Attractions In Shiraz

Shiraz is full of wonderful garden and beautiful historical places. Shiraz is heart of the Iran for sightseeing places. I recommend you to travel to Iran and travel to Shiraz in may ,because of the weather and orange blooms in every garden. As mentioned earlier, this hostel is located in Lotfali Khan Zand Street which is a central street close to the historical part of the city. Accordingly, main attractions and landmarks of the city like Pars Museum, Tomb of Sa’di (Sa’dieh), Shapouri House, Tomb of Hafez (Hafezieh), AfifAbad GardenQavam House,Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque:, Atiq Jame MosqueZinat-ol-Molk House: , Karim Khan Citadel , Vakil Bazaar ,Vakil Mosque,Vakil Bath and Jahan Nama Garden are near this house.

Contact “Homayouni Hostel Shiraz”

Homayouni Hostel ( Saray-e Homayouni Hostel in Shiraz ) Address is really easy to find.It’s located on Zand st,Shiraz,Iran.For more information you can call them ( +989023334644 ) or check the Homayouni  website.

If you want to know about Iran sightseeing tour, contact us.we would be happy to help you.

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