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Sadra Hotel is Located at the center of Shiraz. Sadra Hotel has cheap rooms and Clean rooms. Sadra hotel Shiraz combine Shiraz clean hotel and Shiraz cheap hotel together. Stay in touch with Sadra Shiraz Hotel in Shiraz, by traveling to Iran you can see beauty of Iran. All of the hotel in Iran Shiraz want the best for their guests. Nearby Nasir-Al-Mulk Mosque,Vakil Mosque,Vakil Bazaar,Vakil Bath,Arg of Karim Khan.We are located at the city central, where banks, Trade Centers ,Main Bazaar and the historical builings of Zandieh are located. Sadra hotel’s distance in minutes to some of most important places in Shiraz.

Sadra Hotel


Address :Rodaki St, Zand Ave, Shiraz,Iran.
Email :
Tel : 0098-713-222-6064
Tel : 0098-713-223-4085
Tel : 0098-713-222-4740
Tel : 0098-713-222-4085
WhatsApp: 00989171125905

Sadra Hotel customer service is available 24/7.

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How do i get a hotel in IRAN  SHIRAZ?

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How do i Reserve a Tour in IRAN SHIRAZ ?

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Sadra Hotel