Trip to Iran : 6 Tips For Travelling To Iran

Travel to iran

Trip to Iran : 6 Tips For Travelling To Iran

Is Iran Safe? (trip to Iran)

when you speak about travel,the first thing come to the mind is safety, specially when you want to travel to the country (Trip to Iran) that there are a lot of rumors about it,you have to be careful!but believe me this fear is because of media and political atmosphere.
If you want me to answer this question honestly,I SAY YES,IRAN IS SAFE.You shouldn’t worry about weird and unusual situation.
police and every Iranian people want you to be happy and have a good trip in Iran.we,Iranian people, are very hospitable.WE LOVE TOURISTS.

Just Like every other country you travel you should be careful and follow the rules.
If you want to travel to Iran or travel to Shiraz and get Iran tour package,read those article. Michael(a man traveler) and Kami(woman solo traveler) and other traveler.

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Visa for trip to iran

The most important part of travel is VISA.How to get a visa ?It’s simple, you can easily get visa.

tourists can get on arrival visa for a maximum stay of 30 days,its available on the airport:

but if you can’t get on arrival visa,you need to get a visa at a consulate.Citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan need to get consular visas, and need to get an authorization number before applying for the visa.


  1. According to the new rules,the country will no longer stamp or put stickers to passports of foreign tourists in a bid to ease their concerns about travelling to other countries after leaving Iran.
  2. You will not be allowed to enter the country if you are a citizen of Israel or there is a proof of entry to Israel in your passport.
  3. UK and Canadian citizens cannot travel in Iran without a guide.
  4. All tourists CAN STAY IN Kish Island or Qeshm Island for 14 days or less without any visa, except citizens of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, India, Iraq (can visit Kish island without visa), Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, the United States
  5. Hotels will keep your passports while you stay. We suggest that carry on the copy of your information page and visa page.You can do this once in the country–there are copy shops everywhere in cities

Currency of Iran

There are no international financial exchanges due to the sanctions. International cards don’t work in Iran.  ATMs do not accept it,so bring  enough money. Of course, there are solutions. If you run out of cash , you can ask your travel agency or hotel,they can help you in their own ways.

The currency of Iran is Iranian Rial, but in our daily life we work with TOMAN. Don’t confused 1 toman = 10 rials.

Exchange money at reliable currency exchanges.

language of Iran

You may have many question like What languages are spoken in Iran? or Do Iran and Iraq speak the same language?( because of similar name) or Do people speak Arabic in Iran? or  Iranian people are Arab?(Because of Neighborhood with Arab countries) or similar question…

The official language of Iran is only one: Persia(Farsi) . Persian can refer to a people of Iran and a language,but we have other language in Iran like Turkic,Kurdish,Luri, Balochi, Arabic,Turkish.Arab refer to people of 22 Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa including Algeria, Bahrain, the Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine and more,they speak Arabic.Both Iran and Arab Countries have history for choosing their language.Both are beautiful.

weather in Iran

Iran is a vast country,because of this you can see different types of climate.When the weather is cold and rainy in the north, it is hot and sunny in the south. It’s a charm of the country.mild and quite wet on the coast of the Caspian Sea, continental and arid in the plateau, cold in high mountains, desert and hot on the southern coast and in the southeast.

In December until February the weather is cold , especially in the northeast and west, but good for skiing.Some mountain roads can be impassable.price is lower than ever. This time is the best time to travel to Iran because it is neither crowded nor expensive hotels, you can see the beauty of winter also enjoy the sunny day.

In march until may  is high season of Iran. the weather is mild and quite wet, but this season it crowded,the price of hotels are going up.

In June , July , August the temperature goes up to 30°C (86°F),the weather is hot,But not in the whole country.price is lower than high season.Temperature is good and weather is nice in north of Iran. in this months people go to north of Iran.

In September and October , the weather is moderate. price of hotel is not expensive not cheap.

Transportation in Iran

If you are traveling to Iran either with tour or by yourself ,you may need  information about transport system in Iran.

City transport system

  1. Taxi
  2. Bus
  3. Minibus
  4. BRT buses
  5. Metro

Transportation system in the country(Travelling between cities)

  1. Bus/VIP buses
  2. Private taxi(savari in farsi)
  3. plane
  4. Train

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Dress code in Iran

one of the most question that tourist ask us is about dress. How to dress up ? is Iran have rules for it ? Do tourists have to wear hijab in Iran? Can tourist wear shorts in Iran? and so many other question…Before your trip to Iran we speak about it for you.

the dress code of women and men in Iran is normal and casual. you may expect some weird dress but it’s fine. absolutely there are some rules you should know it and follow it.

when you trip to iran and enter to country you should wear dress that cover your body and your hair all the time. for example wear blouse that cover your hand and body and pants that cover your feet and scarf for your hair. that’s all you need to know. when you enter to Iran you see local people and see how simple their wear it.

the rules is not very strict to tourist, so don’t worry. its just rules that every one obey.

in some part of the country and some towns the people wear traditional dresses. there are colorful and shine.

Buy Local Sim Card

From the moment you enter to Iran and of course i mean airport(every hub airport) you can purchase Irancell sim card( one of the Iranian local sim card name). With this sim card you can have access to internet. In Iran Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest and Telegram is banded so if you want use this social media you should use VPN(Virtual private network), you can download it from any app store.

Get permission before taking photo

Be alert to taking photo with out asking. Iranian people is so sensitive in this issue specially in small city and town. Ask them if you can take it or not? almost they say yes and they may asking you to take photo with them.

Illegal behavior

Two item that you should know before traveling to Iran is some behavior that may be fine to another country but not in Iran. Hand sake and hug in public is illegal between men and women (due to some rules in Islam). you can do it in your private place but not in public.

another one is Alcohol. Any alcoholic drink is banned in Iran. you can’t get drunk and get party.  You may find some people that can get you some alcoholic drink but if you get caught you are in trouble, CAUSE IT’S ILLEGAL.

Iranian people are friendly

Iranian people love tourist so they may get friendly with you. don’t afraid of them. Get in to speaking, they may ask you where are you from? or what is the best thing about Iran? or are you enjoying and happy in Iran? …. they are simple question. They may invite you to their home or ask you to take picture with them. 

Tea Vs Coffee?

Are you fan of tea or coffee? If your answer is TEA , I should say that you choose the right destination. Iranian people love drinking Tea. we serve tea in almost every ceremony. Some city of Iran like Azerbaijan known for drinking more tea that the other cities.

Traditionally, tea is served from a samovar, a heating vessel originally imported into Persia from Russia. Literally meaning “self-boiler”, the samovar is used to keep water hot for prolonged periods of time through a fuel-filled pipe in the middle of the structure that heats the contents surrounding it.Any Persian will tell you that they love to drink Chai, pronounced Cha-ee.

Tea, in general, is what Persians drink in the morning, after each meal, and not to mention throughout the day. Additionally, the first drink that one if offered when visiting someone else’s home is usually a cup of Persian tea.

But if you love drinking coffee ,you may have a hard time … just kidding. you can find  coffeehouse around your hotel or accommodation in Iran and request for it.

That is part one of travel to Iran.?

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