PooladKaf Hotel Shiraz Iran

PooladKaf Hotel Shiraz Iran

Pooladkaf Hotel Shiraz Iran

Iran Shiraz Hotel

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be with Sadra Iran Shiraz Hotel.

About “Pooladkaf Hotel Shiraz Iran”

Pooladkaf Hotel Shiraz has best location in Fars province , Iran. If you want to travel to Iran or you get Iran tour and want modern hotel with special facilities in moutain and in nature and some how traditional room Pooladkaf Hotel Shiraz is best choose cause it’s the one outside of shiraz,with out any air pollotion and has best location for winter and winter sport .PooladKaf Hotel Shiraz IranThis Shiraz Hotel is one of the  4-star hotel in Shiraz. Pooladkaf hotel is located 10 km off Sepidan road in a most pleasant rocky atmosphere and surrounded by some of the most amazing natural sceneries in Iran like Margoon waterfall or Barm Firooz lake.This Iran Shiraz four star hotel contains 52 rooms, 4 suites, and 10 Mongolian Yurts. Pooladkaf will provide you the suitable accommodation at Pooladkaf Ski Resort. This Shiraz Hotel’s room equipment include twin bed, refrigerator, TV, telephone, air conditioning, central cable system, internet, safe, electric card key system, mini-bar, bathroom, dryer, towel and slippers plus extra service and other facilities.The four season multi-purpose complex of Pooladkaf is the second biggest international ski resort located in Sepidan and 85 km north west of Shiraz in a 500 hectare field built for sport and recreational purposes.Located at an altitude of 2850 meters from sea level, Pooladkaf Ski Resort provides many different equipment and facilities for its visitors: tele-cabin(gondola lift), restaurant, fast food, coffee shop, inn, hotel, snow mobiles, mountain vehicles, intelligent wheels, pedal boats, horse riding, bike riding, lending ski equipment, teaching ski fundamentals, etc. 

PooladKaf Hotel Shiraz Iran

Type Of Rooms

Pooladkaf Shiraz hotel has four category.This Iran Shiraz hotel has standard rooms and facilities. Pooladkaf Hotel has 72 rooms. The category of this Iran Shiraz hotel is Twin room, Double room, Triple room, Suite and 10 Mongolian Boards (chadors or tents). If you want best facilities with good location,This hotel is best. This hotel facilities include billiards and hand soccer hall, classic restaurant, conference hall, coffee shop, and the nomadic black Chador for shisha smoking outside the hotel in the open. The second biggest Tele-cabin in Iran, and a Tele-ski for professional skiers 500 m and 1000 m long.The greatest ski resort in Iran with a complete set of tools for teaching and instructing.

Amenities of “Pooladkaf Hotel Shiraz Iran”

Pooladkaf Shiraz Hotel is four star hotel(4-star hotel) in road of Shiraz – Sepidan,so the price is some how high. This Iran Shiraz hotel has best facilities,some of the facilities may different from the other country due to our culture but that’s qualified for four star hotels in Shiraz. This Iran Shiraz Hotel has Room Service, Internet, Parking, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge,Breakfast included, Air Conditioning,n Concierge,Dry Cleaning , Nomadic Camps, Amusement Park, Laundry Service , Hall and Meeting Rooms ,Non-Smoking Hotel ,Wheelchair access and many activities for your leisure time there.

From Pooladkaf Hotel Shiraz Iran To Tourist Attractions In Shiraz

Pooladkaf Shiraz Hotel is located at road of Shiraz – Sepidan. It’s near Margoon waterfall and Tang-tiz-ab.

Travel to Iran |Iran travel point |Get best Iran tour package

We are in middle of sightseeing tour in Shiraz (sightseeing tour in Iran) discussion, so let me speak first about Persian people and Iranian hospitality and take a break from hotels in Shiraz and sightseeing tour in Shiraz(sightseeing tour in Iran).

Iranian people has a unique proverb that say “guest is a gift from god”. Iranian people treat guests like jewelry.it doesn’t matter that you are new traveler to Iran or you have many trip to Iran or you travel to Iran from which country and with any ethics. Persian people has same treat to you that they have to their family.

You may read many comment before travel to Iran about how travel to Iran, what is sightseeing tour in Iran, how to reserve an Iran tour package, is Iran even safe to travel and many other things but Iranian hospitality is first thing that every traveler to Iran face it.

Iran travel point of view in lonely planet or TripAdvisor or any travel guide site or book is Iranian hospitality, the traveler said that “Iranian hospitality is unique and they never see it in other country”.so be our guest we would be happy to help you in Shiraz or even in all of the Iran. We can also get private tour or tailor made tour for you with private guide for you to enjoy Iran tour package.

Sightseeing tour in Shiraz is get more that one day. You should prepare yourself for more than 3 days and absolutely in Shiraz Day tour is compressing.

Speak of Iran tour package

Iran has long history in decades, Iran has best ancient and historical sites. The ancient and historical sites in Iran are back to more than four thousand years ago. Iran was known in the world of international relations known as Persia. Iran tour package can be exciting in in historical part of Iran. Every part of Iran from south to north, from east to west has Iran tour package. We can get to the best Iran tour package for you. Travel to Iran can be memorable for you.

Iran is one of the most unique countries in terms of weather, the difference between the warmest and coldest temperatures in winter is more than 50 degrees. In general, Iran is located in a region that is semi-arid and dry in terms of precipitation. From this view Iran tour package is amazing due to some different temperature in same season. When the weather is cold and rainy in the north, it is hot and sunny in the south. It’s a charm of the country. Mild and quite wet on the coast of the Caspian Sea, continental and arid in the plateau, cold in high mountains, desert and hot on the southern coast and in the southeast.You can travel to Iran at any time.


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