Pars Hotel Shiraz Iran

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Pars Hotel Shiraz Iran

Iran Shiraz Hotel

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be with Sadra Iran Shiraz Hotel.

About “Pars Hotel Shiraz Iran”

Pars Hotel Shiraz Iran has best location in Shiraz, Iran. If you want to travel to Iran or you get Iran tour and want luxury hotel and want a hotel with full of experience in hotel industry choose Pars International Hotel. Tell your travel agency to book it. This Shiraz Hotel is luxurious hotel and 5-star hotel in south of Iran, Shiraz. This Iran Shiraz Hotel The hotel was founded in 2002 on Karim Khan Zand Street and its members of the Board of Directors and shareholders are Mohsen Hamassaye Dost (CEO), Mojtaba Bayat (Chairman of the Board) and Alireza Farhadi (Deputy Chairman and Board Member). Pars Hotel Shiraz IranAs one of Shiraz’s most luxury buildings with exhilarating architecture, it is an imposing city landmark, which boasts a magnificent lobby, dramatic public spaces and indulgently comfortable bedrooms. Pars International Hotel is a hotel with a flair for services. It features all the amenities and services of a luxury five-star hotel coupled with attraction and a unique feel-at-home atmosphere. The best point of world wide is that you can see what ever you want,you can see this hotel on their website. Pars hotel Shiraz has good location. It’s located on Zand Blvd, where it’s on the way to Zandiyeh complex. This Shiraz Hotel is good for traveler that don’t have enough time to take Iran tour or just travel to Iran or travel to Shiraz to spend time peacefully and see the beauty of Shiraz quickly. This Iran Shiraz Hotel is near good shopping center, historical place, good restaurant. Pars Hotel Shiraz  has 2 building with 13 floors with 188 rooms. This hotel facilities is luxury among hotels in Shiraz. It has different restaurant and full of activities for your free time. This Iran Shiraz Hotel provide the best for their guests.

Pars Hotel Shiraz Iran

Type Of Rooms

Pars international hotel has four category. This Iran Shiraz hotel has standard rooms with top and luxury facilities. It has 188 rooms. The category of this Iran Shiraz hotel is King room, Twin room, Standard suite, Royal suite. This Iran Shiraz hotel has extra bed. For children under 7 years old is free. if you want best facilities with good location,This hotel is best

King Room of P.I.H

King Room is a simple, all-inclusive escape that will be good for the soul and for the wallet. This is where luxury and affordability find a common ground to make your getaway on Shiraz as peaceful as possible.this room is double king bed with some facilities such as Unlimited & High Speed WiFi,Breakfast Included,Air Conditioner ,Parking,Mini-bar & Refrigerator,Secure ,Safe Box,TV,Bathroom,A Desk,Luggage Rack.

Pars Hotel Shiraz Iran

Twin Room of P.I.H

Twin Room is a great, all-encompassing getaway for small groups looking for a peaceful, replenishing escape to the beautiful city of Shiraz.this room is two separated  bed with some facilities such as Unlimited & High Speed WiFi,Breakfast Included,Air Conditioner ,Parking,Mini-bar & Refrigerator,Secure ,Safe Box,TV,Bathroom,A Desk,Luggage Rack.

Pars Hotel Shiraz Iran

Standard suite of P.I.H

Retreat to comfort in exquisite family suites. Guests are able to enjoy the intimacy that this suite provides but at the same time, with two private bedrooms, it allows for complete privacy. it is suited for families or couples. Some facilities are Unlimited & High Speed WiFi,Breakfast Included,Air Conditioner ,Parking,Mini-bar & Refrigerator,Secure ,Safe Box,TV,Bathroom,A Desk,Luggage Rack.

Royal suite of P.I.H

Royal Suites are designed to cater the needs of guests who require a high level of service. The suites feature king size bed or twin beds. The suites are decorated in warm colors and natural materials and amenities that will make you feel at home. With two private bedrooms, it allows for complete privacy. it is suited for families or couples.Some facilities are Unlimited & High Speed WiFi,Breakfast Included,Air Conditioner ,Parking,Mini-bar & Refrigerator,Secure ,Safe Box,TV,Bathroom,A Desk,Luggage Rack.

Pars Hotel Shiraz Iran

Amenities of “Pars Hotel Shiraz Iran”

Pars Shiraz Hotel is five star hotel(5-star hotel) and luxuries hotel in Shiraz,so the price is high. This Iran Shiraz hotel has best facilities,some of the facilities may different from the other country due to our culture but that’s the highest level of facilities in Shiraz. This Iran Shiraz Hotel has Room Service, Internet, Parking, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge,Breakfast included,Fitness Center with Gym / Workout Room, Sauna and Jacuzzi, Air Conditioning, Concierge,Dry Cleaning , pool, Laundry Service , Meeting Rooms ,Non-Smoking Hotel ,Wheelchair access.

Pars Hotel Shiraz Iran

From Pars Shiraz Iran To Tourist Attractions In Shiraz

This five Star Hotel is located at center of  Shiraz where there are many shopping center, good restaurant, historical place. It’s near good restaurant like Shater Abbas Restaurant, Dragon Chinese Restaurant, Qavam Cafe Restaurant,  Haftkhan Restaurant, Sharze Restaurant and has good access to Tomb of Hafez (Hafezieh),Tomb of Sa’di (Sa’dieh),Delgosha Garden,Quran Gate,Kajow Kermani Tomb,Vakil Mosque,Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque,Vakil Bazaar, Vakil BathArg of Karim Khan,Eram Garden ,AfifAbad Garden.

Travel to Iran |Iran travel point |Get best Iran tour package

We are in middle of sightseeing tour in Shiraz (sightseeing tour in Iran) discussion, so let me speak first about Persian people and Iranian hospitality and take a break from hotels in Shiraz and sightseeing tour in Shiraz(sightseeing tour in Iran).

Iranian people has a unique proverb that say “guest is a gift from god”. Iranian people treat guests like doesn’t matter that you are new traveler to Iran or you have many trip to Iran or you travel to Iran from which country and with any ethics. Persian people has same treat to you that they have to their family.

You may read many comment before travel to Iran about how travel to Iran, what is sightseeing tour in Iran, how to reserve an Iran tour package, is Iran even safe to travel and many other things but Iranian hospitality is first thing that every traveler to Iran face it.

Iran travel point of view in lonely planet or TripAdvisor or any travel guide site or book is Iranian hospitality, the traveler said that “Iranian hospitality is unique and they never see it in other country”.so be our guest we would be happy to help you in Shiraz or even in all of the Iran. We can also get private tour or tailor made tour for you with private guide for you to enjoy Iran tour package.

Sightseeing tour in Shiraz is get more that one day. You should prepare yourself for more than 3 days and absolutely in Shiraz Day tour is compressing.

Speak of Iran tour package

Iran has long history in decades, Iran has best ancient and historical sites. The ancient and historical sites in Iran are back to more than four thousand years ago. Iran was known in the world of international relations known as Persia. Iran tour package can be exciting in in historical part of Iran. Every part of Iran from south to north, from east to west has Iran tour package. We can get to the best Iran tour package for you. Travel to Iran can be memorable for you.

Iran is one of the most unique countries in terms of weather, the difference between the warmest and coldest temperatures in winter is more than 50 degrees. In general, Iran is located in a region that is semi-arid and dry in terms of precipitation. From this view Iran tour package is amazing due to some different temperature in same season. When the weather is cold and rainy in the north, it is hot and sunny in the south. It’s a charm of the country. Mild and quite wet on the coast of the Caspian Sea, continental and arid in the plateau, cold in high mountains, desert and hot on the southern coast and in the southeast.You can travel to Iran at any time.

Contact “Pars Hotel Shiraz Iran”

Pars International Hotel is really easy to find. It’s located on Zand Blvd. For more information you can call them(+987132332255) or check the PARS website.  If you want to know about Iran sightseeing tourcontact us. we would be happy to help you. 


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