Shakh-e-Nabat Shiraz Iran Tour

Shakh-e-Nabat Shiraz Iran Tour

Shakh-e-Nabat Shiraz Iran Tour

Shakh-e-Nabat Shiraz Iran Tour

Years ago, Khaje Shamsedin Mohammad(hafez) was a bakery student. he fell in love with the daughter of one of the masters of the city. That was a pretty girl called Shakh-e-Nabat. Beside the bakery was a house where the Qur’an was taught, and Hafez sat down at the classroom at the time of unemployment and listens to the Qur’an. Until one day the Shakh-e-Nabat send a message (broadcast) in the acity: “I am marrying somebody from my queues who can bring 100 AED to me!” there was a lot of money . many people did not have the time to provide this money! Some of her lovers gave up, and others were struggling to provide this money and make her a beautiful and wealthy girl to wife to live in cute and blessed lives! Among the suitors ,Khajeh Shamseddin Muhammad(hafez)  went to the mosque, where he pledged with his god that if he could provide 100 AED, he would go to the mosque for 40 nights and pray until morning. He stepped up his work and at night he went to the mosque and needed the secret until he was able to provide 100 AED at night and went to the Shakh-e-Nabat’S house at night, announcing that he had been able to provide 100 AED and was willing to marry  Shakh-e-Nabat shiraz iran tour.

  Shakh-e-Nabat Shiraz Iran Tour

Shakh-e-Nabat accepted him and greeting him warmly and announced that from this moment, Khajeh Shamsedin is my husband. Shams’addin said to the Shakh-e-Nabat about the vow that he had made with his god and he was allowed to go to the mosque and the last night to be kept secret and necessary to fulfill his covenant. But the Shakh-e-Nabat didn’t accept that request. Khajeh Shamsaddin withdrew from the Shakh-e-Nabat house and went to the mosque and spent the night there forty. After 40 days, returning from the mosque, several drunk men Grab their dagger in front of him and gave him a cup and said that he drink it.

He replied: “I am the man of God who just graduated from prayer with God, I cannot do it.” They said to him, “If you don’t drink this, we will kill you, Kwaja Shamseddin drank the first sip.

” they said, “What do you see?” he said: “nothing””

They said drink again and asked him again.

” What do you see? ” He said: “I feel that i aware of the future”

Drink again, drink and say: “What do you see?” He said: I feel I’m going to read to the Qur’an (aware of Qur’an) and Khwaja went home that night and began to read the Qur’an and read the poetry and talk about the future of the people and did not get any news from the Shakh-e-Nabat shiraz iran tour ! Until his fame came to the king’s hand, the king appealed to him and he became the king favorite person and the king gave him the title of Lassan al-Ghaib and Hafiz. (Lassan al-Ghaib because he spoke about the future of the people and Hafez was the protector of the entire Qur’an). Shakh-e-Nabat Shiraz Iran TourAs soon as the Shakh-e-Nabat shiraz iran tour  heard and understood his reputation, he went to the king and followed him but … Hafiz did not want to see her and saying: “A woman who throws me away from my god does not live up to life.after  that they were married by mediation of the king.

Sweet nectar drips from my lips

as my words take their flight

P.s:This story is folktale.

P.s:Hafez or Hafiz ,Both is correct.

P.s: That’s the peom for Shakh-e-nabat.(The complete one is here don’t worry )

Ghazal 183

At the break of dawn from sorrows I was saved
In the dark night of the Soul, drank the elixir I craved.

Ecstatic, my soul was radiant, bright,
Sanctified cup of my life, drunk I behaved.

O, what exalted sunrise, what glorious night
That holy night, to the New Life was enslaved.

From now on, in the mirror, O what a sight
The mirror, glory of my soul, proclaimed and raved.

Wonder not if I am bathed in heart’s delight
I deserved and was given, though may have seemed depraved.

Angelic voice brought news of my God-given right
My patience is the fruit of hardships that I braved.

Sweet nectar drips from my lips, as my words take their flight
Beloved, my sweetheart, upon my soul patiently had engraved.

‘T was Hafiz, divinely inspired that I attained such height
It was God’s mercy that time’s sorrows for me waived.

Shakh-e-Nabat Shiraz Iran Tour


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