Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour

 Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour

Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour

View of Guran Gate

Shiraz is full of mystery

Before start our Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour ,we’ll tell you the other name of Shiraz. The name of Shiraz has been registered in books and historical documents, with various names such as “Tirizis”, “Shirazish” and “Shiraz”. Shiraz is a city of mystery, the city of love and art is a cradle of mystical and romantic thoughts. Shiraz is a city of Persian people who is pure and merciful and kind. Shiraz is a place with a glorious and beautiful name. Dar-al-fazll, Darussalam, Dar al-Malik, Dar al-Alam and Darallowayeh are examples of this.

Due to many historical, cultural, religious and natural attractions, Shiraz has always attracted many tourists. The city has long been the place for the exchange of goods and agricultural products because of geographical location and also on the route of the domestic trade of Iran to the Bushehr port, which has created a special economic situation for the city. The city that has been the capital of Iranian civilization and culture in many states. Historic monuments from different times in the city of Shiraz are one of the most important tourism centers in Iran.

Journey to Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour

Shiraz had six gates in the past, the names of which are:

Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour

The gate of Quran, The gate of Isfahan, The gate of Saadi,

The gates Ghasabkhane, The gate of Kazeroon ,The king of Dai Eli Alla  (The gate of shah daei allah).

The most famous and beautiful one is Quran Gate.There are a lot of mysteries about the Quran gate, we’ll tell you one by one.

The Gate of the Quran was first created at the time of the’Adud al-Dawla and a Quran was placed in it, so that passengers traveling under the gates would be insured and blessed. During the Karim Khan era, the gate was restored.

In the Zandieh era, a room was added on the top of the gate, and two volumes of exquisite Quran were placed on it that. The Guran writed by”Sultan Ibrahim bin Shahrokh Teimuri”.

The exquisite Qurans made in the Zandieh era are known as the Quran “Seventeen Me”.The Quran Gate has been demolished and rebuilt in different era.

Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour

This Quran Gate was importance to the people in the past, people would leave the city on the first days of the month, and again entered the city under the gates.

In 1328, the Qate of the Quran was destroyed and rebuilt. The new interface had differences with the ancient gate.

Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour

Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour

Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour

The gates had larger dimensions, including a gated arch opening and two small entrances on either side of the gate.

In the building of the Quran gate, verses of the Quran have been written.

Next to the gate of the Quran, there is a grave of the Iranian poet Khajavi Kermani. In the past, the entrance gate of the Quran was on the entrance to Shiraz, but after the recent repairs, it changed.

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Quran Gate Shiraz Iran Tour

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