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Medical Tourism in Iran|Hospital in Iran Shiraz

Iran Tourism

Medical Tourism or Med Tour is one of the areas that play a significant role in the development of Iran med tourism and Shiraz hotel industry. and include every little part of human’s life. Travel to Iran to see this progress. Med Tour is wide concept.The tourism industry effect in every part of society. Med Tour effect on job creation, income generation, poverty reduction and the spread of social justice and welfare in society.Among the various tourism spheres, Medical Tourism has received great attention because of the potential and competitive advantages. After Petroleum industry ( Oil industry ) and Automotive industry ,Medical Tourism is the third largest industry in the world. It has a huge impact on the country’s foreign exchange earnings and will definitely become the world’s first industry in the near future.

Iran Health Tourism

With the passage of time and the advancement of this industry, tourism has gone public and has been divided into several branches such as cultural tourism, sports tourism, adventure tourism, religious tourism, health tourism, and so on.Therefore, people who travel to another country for prevention or  treatment are part of Medical Tourism.

Medical tourism in Iran

What Is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is a journey that is done for relaxation, treatment or wellness that include using mineral waters, weather or medical interventions.In these types of trips, tourists use massages, healthy foods and, in general, any kind of experience that is recommended for the health of the person. In this type of trip, in addition to the health of the body, the health of the soul of the people is also important.

according to WTO (World Tourism Organization) Medical tourism is people who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical, dental and surgical care that take more than 24 hours, while at the same time receiving equal to or greater care than they would have in their own country, and are traveling for medical care because of affordability, better access to care or ….

Medtour or med tour is beyond tourism and entertainment. Some times people travel to other country for hot mineral water and mud therapy along with natural facilities . The global motto of medical tourism is  facilities and services is at the level of the first or advanced countries, and prices and costs are in level of  developing and third world.

Health Tourism has 3 branches.

  1. Curative Tourism
  2. Wellness Tourism
  3. Medical Tourism

Curative Tourism

It also means travel to use natural resources (mineral water, salt, sludge, etc.), which is usually used for the treatment of certain diseases or for the recovery after some unhealthy moment under medical supervision and intervention. This kind of tourism has been considered by the tourism authorities of the country these days. Especially the mud treatment that has greatly popularized the nature of Iran among neighboring countries. Mud Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Leech Therapy are popular in Iran medtour.

Wellness Tourism

Tourists travel to health villages and areas with mineral hot water (spas). In this type of  trip, tourists is escape from the tensions of everyday life and get treatment or care without medical intervention and supervision. That’s the point that make those 3 branches different. Usually these tourists do not have a physical illness and they are more likely to benefit from the healing nature of other areas.

Medical Tourism

Another type of health tourism is the use of Medical Travel to treat physical illness or  surgical operations under the supervision of doctors in hospitals and medical centers. In this type of health tourism, the patient may require spa.Iran health tourism is in 3th place after Jordan and Israel in middle east.

What are the best country for medical tourism?

Medical procedures ranging from cosmetic surgery, dental work, to orthopedic surgery can now be provided at high quality and affordable rates in many countries. Here are the top medical tourism destinations around the world.

India,Brazil,Malaysia,Thailand,Turkey,Mexico,Costa Rica,Taiwan,South Korea,Singapore and nowadays Iran is in list in middle east for cosmetic surgery, Organ transplant, Eye surgery and more…


First Historical Medical Travel

The first recorded instance of people travelling for medical treatment dates back thousands of years to when Greek pilgrims traveled from the eastern Mediterranean to a small area in the Saronic Gulf called Epidauria. This territory was the sanctuary of the healing god Asklepios.

Spa towns and sanitaria were early forms of medical tourism. In 18th-century Europe patients visited spas because they were places with supposedly health-giving mineral waters, treating diseases from gout to liver disorders and bronchitis.

History of Healthcare in Iran

The practice and study of medicine in Persia has a long and prolific history. The ancient Iranian medicine was combined by different medical traditions from Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China and Greece for more than 4000 years and merged to form what became the nucleus and foundation of medical practice in the European countries in the 13th century. The Iranian academic centers like Jundishapur University (3rd century AD) were a breeding ground for the union among great scientists from different civilizations.These centers successfully followed their predecessors’ theories and greatly extended their scientific research through history. Iranian physicians during the glorious Islamic civilization had a tremendous share in the progress of medical sciences. The excellent clinical observations and physical examinations and writings of Iranian scientists such as Rhazes (Al-Razi, 865-925 AD), Haly Abbas (Ali ibn-al Abbas-al Majusi, died 994 AD), Avicenna (Abou Ali Sina, 980-1037) and Jurjan (Osmail ibn al-Husayn al-Jurjani, 110 AD) influenced all fields of medicine The new era of medicine in Iran begins with establishment of Dar-ul-funoon in 1851, which was the only center for modern medical education before the establishment of Tehran University. Following the establishment of the Tehran university school of medicine in 1934 and the return of Iranian graduates from the medical schools in Europe, much progress was made in the development and availability of trained manpower and specialized faculties in medicine. After the Islamic revolution by the growing spirit of independence inspired by the Iranian government the number of medical schools and medical students increased more than 10 times. For the 1st time in recent modern history the Iranian medical universities started to offer post-graduate specialized degrees in basic, clinical and engineering sciences.

History of pharmacy in Iran

Medical sciences including pharmacy has a long history in Middle and Near East and goes back to the ancient Mesopotamian period (Beginning with Sumer 3000 BC). There are many cuneiform tablets from cities as ancient as Uruk (2500 BC), the city of Prophet Abraham (PBUH). The bulk of the tablets that do mention medical practices have survived from the library of Asshurbanipal at Nineveh (668 BC) Assyria. So far 660 medical tablets from this library and 420 tablets from the library of a medical practitioner from Neo-Assyrian period, as well as Middle Assyrian and Middle Babylonian texts have been published. The vast majority of these tablets are prescriptions, but there are a few series of tablets that have been labeled “treatises”. One of the oldest and the largest collections is known as “Treatise of Medical Diagnosis and Prognoses.” The text consists of 40 tablets collected and studied by the French scholar R. Labat. Although the oldest surviving copy of this treatise dates to around 1600 BC, the information contained in the text is an amalgamation of several centuries of Mesopotamian medical knowledge.

The history of health tourism in the world

Cost and quality are obviously the most important factors patients consider in choosing specific destinations for treatment. But many patients also consider amenities commonly found in resorts and hotels.First we talk about health tourism in the world and second talk about medical tourism in Iran.

MedTours Global

“MedTours Global In India”

Despite the long travel time involved, India is a popular destination for medical tourists. Particularly in the field of cardiac and bone marrow transplantation and other medical fields .India is leader in medical services. During the years 2005 and 2006, no country was comparable with India in terms of therapeutic tourism.In India, after software industry, medical tourism can be considered the most successful industry. The medical tourism market in India was more than $ 333 million and on 2014 it was more than $ 1 billion.It arguably has the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations, and English is widely spoken. Several hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and staffed by highly trained physicians. Prices can be obtained in advance, and many hospitals bundle services into a package deal that includes the medical procedure and the cost of treating any complications.1 Hotel accommodations are extra, but hospitals often have hotel rooms or can offer discounts for hotels nearby.

MedTours  Global In Singapore”

The quality of health services in Singapore is highly appreciated. Safety, trusted are combined with advanced research and international credibility of the country in the field of medicine, has made it a leading center in Asia. Singapore has the credentials of the Joint Commission on International Affairs (JCI), with 9 hospitals and 2 medical centers.English is also widely spoken in this former British colony, located approximately 1,000 miles south of Bangkok. Singapore has modern, high-quality hospitals and is home to three hospitals accredited by the JCI . 4 Prices are higher than in Thailand or India but are much lower than in the United States.


MedTours Global in United States”

people were traveling to United States to go to mineral springs, resorts near the sea. The oldest hot springs in the United States is Saragossa Springs, which has been active since about 200 years ago. There are spas near the states of Philadelphia and Virginia. To maximize the desirability of travel, facilities such as a library, theater, music hall and playgrounds have been created to entertain tourists. As people today travel to these areas not only for water therapy, but also for the purpose of using a variety of social activities.
Domestic medical travel involving patients seeking more advanced treatment facilities in other cities or states is relatively common. Specialty hospitals built to provide orthopedic and cardiac treatment attract patients from many communities. These facilities generally provide better quality care and higher patient satisfaction than general hospitals.

Medical tourism in Iran Shiraz

Why choose Iran For Medical Tourism?


Medical Tourism In Iran

There are many reason to choose Iran and travel to Iran as medical tourism destination.From talented surgeon and excellent customer service to low cost treatment to beautiful attraction in every city of Iran.

Get professional treatment and service is the goal of medical tourism in Iran. With advances in this field, all the sick people around the world that travel to Iran can gain a benefit from it. Travel to Iran for low cost treatment. Low cost treatment in Iran is one of the benefit of medical tourism in Iran. You have holiday break and Medical travel. Iran Health Tourism destination is wide so Iran have many med tour company to provide the best for you or some hotels like Sadra Hotel Shiraz is one of the Shiraz hotel that can help you in Iran med tour.

Iran has grown a lot in medical tourism industry. Although health tourism has been officially introduced since 2003 ,but medical tourism in Iran  known for ophthalmologist surgery, cancer and organ transplantation, eye diseases. The main city in Iran for medical tourism is Tehran and Shiraz. You are in middle of affordable treatment and talented doctors and best chance to get well soon in cozy environment.

Many citizens in the Arab countries, including Kuwait, Qatar, and Iraq, now come to Iran.They treat in equipped hospitals of Iran  , instead of European countries, because the distance with Iran is shorter and can be easily dispatched to your country after treatment and that the cost of treatment in Iran is much lower than in Europe.
Most of those who come to Iran for treatment are amazed by the growth and development of medical science in our country, and are very pleased with the process of treatment and medical facilities.

Medical tourism is currently developed and number of patients who come for treatment is increase,from many countries like Arab countries,(Iraq,Oman, … )Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and other.

Medical Tourism In Shiraz

Iran Shiraz Sightseeing Tour

Medical tourism in Shiraz is one of the best Iran health tourism destination. Shiraz is heart of Iran in medical tourism. Hospitals in Shiraz prepare high quality of facilities,medicine,and medical service to satisfy their patients. Shiraz is one of the Medical Travel destination in middle east. Trophy and treatments in Shiraz are reasonable due to advancement of technology in medicine.
Medical Travel to Shiraz also known for orthopedics, cosmetic surgery and dental treatments , organ transparent , eye surgery with prices lower than other countries. It is estimated that by travelling to Iran, an international patient can save up to 50% on its treatment.

the idea of  healthcare medicine is perfect opportunity to get familiar to Iranian culture, Iranian sightseeing tour,Iranian people, Iranian surgeon, and more.

Medical Tourism Benefits and Risks

Medical tourism, also known as international surgery or surgery abroad, the procedure of travelling to another country and leaving home town to take treatment for illnesses. This should not be the process that suddenly get a decision and take the action at the moment or you travel to country and say” let’s get the surgery!”,no don’t do that!you should search about it and consider about the benefit and risks the surgery aboard!We list some of the medical tourism benefits and risks.

Medical Tourism Benefits

Cost Savings or what ?

Even though most medical tourists consider lower cost as one of the main benefits of medical tourism,but it is not the only factor responsible for its rapidly growing popularity. A major advantage of medical tourism is that the patient can travel to any destination of the world to get the best and most cost effective healthcare and treatment. The biggest benefactors are those patients, who are not able to avail and access specialized procedures, surgeries, doctors, and facilities like fertility treatment and alternative therapies, in their home country.


Moreover, individuals with nationalized healthcare services, like the UK and Canada, who don’t want to wait for medical treatment, are drawn towards health tourism owing to convenience and quick access to healthcare. The prospects of combining treatment with holiday for recuperating, is an added bonus for the patients. There can be nothing more pleasurable than recovering in a relaxing and spending time in beautiful environment, lying on a beach, or shopping in luxury boutiques.

Good Quality or poor one?choose

It’s good travel to another country and get treatment,have a luxury room an facilities or because you are foreign traveler they behavior as international patient so they treat you like a boss and do their best for you. You can get private nurses or you have a private insurance ,the company get you private person to take care of you after surgery. With this facilities that some hospitals have it’s like patient in vacation.

Talented Surgeon

As all we know , all of the people want the best and this case is so important, because this case is related to health.In all over the world in every country and every city good surgeon and great talented surgeon  is exist. and Some countries are known for talented surgeon and surgeries.For example, Brazilian surgeons good at plastic surgery skills. Thailand is good at  individuals seeking gender reassignment and so on.


That’s another reason people travel to another country, maybe their country don’t have available facilities or don’t have available surgeon on that case.In one word their country don’t have a special treatment in their case and due to their illnesses they forced to travel to another country to get treatment.

Sounds good but what about Medical Tourism Risks?

Just take a moment and think about some problems or some misheard about good quality, good surgeon, luxury facilities, best private nurses or any thing that you are sure about it and just one moment every thing  went wrong. On that moment you are in the hell. That’s the risks, when every thing get in wrong path.


Shiraz Hotel in medical travel|Medical Hotel |Patients Hotels | Medical Tourism Hotel Industry

Medical Travel destinations have qualified hospitals with well-equipped latest technology and talented doctors or experts. These doctors know their jobs and do their best to treat the sick people but But surgery is half the way, When surgery is successful, recovery is required.Recovery should do in best place that the sick people have pace.You need every things in Shiraz hotel. Sick people travel to iran for this and of course every one travel to Iran has many chose to go to which city. Tehran and Shiraz is best destination for Iran Med Tour,But you can search about technology in medicine and find out which city is best.In Iran health tourism Shiraz is first choose. (medtour for Shiraz Hotel has many type from budget hotel to luxury hotels.Shiraz City have (5) five star hotels, (11) four star hotels, (13) three star hotels, (14) two star hotels, (6) one star hotel.

These are perfect Shiraz Hotel in any range :

5-Star Hotel in Shiraz ( Homa Hotel,Persepolis Hotel,Pars Hotel,Shiraz Grand Hotel,Chamran Hotel,Zandiyeh Hotel )

4 Star Hotel in Shiraz ( Aryobarzan Hotel,karimkhan Hotel,Elysee Hotel,Parsian Hotel,Haft Darya Hotel,Parseh Hotel,Park Hotel,Setaregan Hotel,Park Saadi Hotel,Royal Hotel,PooladKaf Hotel,Jam-e-Jam Hotel apartment)

3 Star Hotel in Shiraz (Eram Hotel,Arg Hotel,Beyn-Ol-Harameyn Hotel,Rudaki Hotel,Jahangardi Hotel,Talar Hotel,Atlas Hotel,Rose Reyhan  Hotel,Vakil Hotel,Jahan Nama  Hotel,AmirKabir Hotel,Hadish Hotel,Sadra Hotel Shiraz)

2 Star Hotel in Shiraz ( Anahita Hotel,Kowsar Hotel,Lotfalikhan Hotel,Nasir Al Molk Hotel,Tachar Apartment Hotel,Dena Motel,Shams Apartment Hotel,Sasan Hotel,Ariana Hotel,Niayesh,Boutique Hotel,Khane Baghe Traditional Guesthouse,Kakh Apartment Hotel,Taeb Hotel,Hafez Hotel)

1 Star Hotel in Shiraz ( Panjdari traditional house,Keyvan Hotel,Arnika Hotel,Khane sabz Hotel,Parmis Hotel,Yord Hotel)


Us, Sadra Hotel Shiraz try their best to provide best facilities for sick people and Iran Med Tour’s goal.

Sadra Hotel Shiraz  have 5 category
  1. Double Room
  2. Twin Room
  3. Triple Room
  4. Quadruple Room
  5. Suite

See the rooms on our En, Fa, Ar pages.

All of the rooms have Bathroom, Toilet, hairdryer and toiletries, As many towels as you can handle, Soaps, shampoo,conditioner, Large, flat screen TV with surround sound, Clock, king bed and separate beds, Sofa and chair, Air conditioner , Mini refrigerator, High speed Wifi.

Sadra Shiraz Hotel quadruple room’s have kitchen,so if your doctors order a special food you can do some cook there. 

Secondly send email to or Email us via our contact form.

Medical Tourism In Shiraz: Hospitals In Iran Shiraz

Hospitals in Iran Shiraz

Hospitals in Iran Shiraz

  1. Namazi Hospital
  2. Faqihi Hospital
  3. Chamran Hospital
  4. Rajaei Hospital(Trauma Center)
  5. Khalili Hospital
  6. Hafez Hospital
  7. Zainabia hospital shiraz
  8. Asgar Ali Hospital
  9. Ghotb Al Din Hospital
  10. Ebnesina Hospital
  11. Shahid Dastgheib Hospital
  12. Fatemezahra Hospital
  13. Shoushtari Hospital
  14. Asab-va-ravan Hospital
  15. Shahid Beheshti Hospital
  16. Moslemin Hospital
  17. Artesh Hospital
  18. Janat Hospital
  19. Iran Hospital
  20. Mozafari Hospital
  21. Dr.Mir Hospital
  22. Pars Hospital
  23. Shahr Hospital
  24. Dr.Mir Hussein Hospital
  25. Alavi Hospital
  26. kasra Hospital
  27. Kowsar Hospital
  28. Dr. FarahmandFar Hospital
  29. Shafa Hospital
  30. Moshir Hospital
  31. Ordibehest Hospital
  32. Dena Hospital
  33. Shiraz Central Hospital
  34. Dr. Khodadoust Hospital
  35. Ghadir Mother and Child Hospital
  36. Amir Hospital
  37. Be’sat Hospital
  38. Doran Hospital
  39. Neuroscience Hospital
  40. Nader Kazemi Shiraz Health Center
  41. Abu-Ali Sina Hospital

Hospitals in Iran Shiraz

Iran Tour


Nice Hostel And Traditional House

Tomb Of Sa’di

Do You know The Hafez?


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