Medical Tourism| Hospitals in Iran Shiraz

Hospitals in Shiraz Iran

Hospitals in Iran Shiraz

Iran Tour

Hospitals in Iran Shiraz |History of Healthcare in Iran

The practice and study of medicine in Persia has a long and prolific history. The ancient Iranian medicine was combined by different medical traditions from Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China and Greece for more than 4000 years and merged to form what became the nucleus and foundation of medical practice in the European countries in the 13th century. The Iranian academic centers like Jundishapur University (3rd century AD) were a breeding ground for the union among great scientists from different civilizations. These centers successfully followed their predecessors’ theories and greatly extended their scientific research through history. Iranian physicians during the glorious Islamic civilization had a tremendous share in the progress of medical sciences. The excellent clinical observations and physical examinations and writings of Iranian scientists such as Rhazes (Al-Razi, 865-925 AD), Haly Abbas (Ali ibn-al Abbas-al Majusi, died 994 AD), Avicenna (Abou Ali Sina, 980-1037) and Jurjan (Osmail ibn al-Husayn al-Jurjani, 110 AD) influenced all fields of medicine The new era of medicine in Iran begins with establishment of Dar-ul-funoon in 1851, which was the only center for modern medical education before the establishment of Tehran University. Following the establishment of the Tehran university school of medicine in 1934 and the return of Iranian graduates from the medical schools in Europe, much progress was made in the development and availability of trained manpower and specialized faculties in medicine. After the Islamic revolution by the growing spirit of independence inspired by the Iranian government the number of medical schools and medical students increased more than 10 times. For the 1st time in recent modern history the Iranian medical universities started to offer post-graduate specialized degrees in basic, clinical and engineering sciences.

Hospitals in Iran Shiraz |History of pharmacy in Iran

Medical sciences including pharmacy has a long history in Middle and Near East and goes back to the ancient Mesopotamian period (Beginning with Sumer 3000 BC). There are many cuneiform tablets from cities as ancient as Uruk (2500 BC), the city of Prophet Abraham (PBUH). The bulk of the tablets that do mention medical practices have survived from the library of Asshurbanipal at Nineveh (668 BC) Assyria. So far 660 medical tablets from this library and 420 tablets from the library of a medical practitioner from Neo-Assyrian period, as well as Middle Assyrian and Middle Babylonian texts have been published. The vast majority of these tablets are prescriptions, but there are a few series of tablets that have been labeled “treatises”. One of the oldest and the largest collections is known as “Treatise of Medical Diagnosis and Prognoses.” The text consists of 40 tablets collected and studied by the French scholar R. Labat. Although the oldest surviving copy of this treatise dates to around 1600 BC, the information contained in the text is an amalgamation of several centuries of Mesopotamian medical knowledge.

Medical Tourism: Hospitals in Shiraz

Hospitals in Iran Shiraz

What is medical tourism?

The main definition of medical tourism according to World Tourism Organization (W.T.O) :

Medical tourism refers to people traveling to a country other than their own to obtain medical treatment.Health tourism is a wider term for travel that focuses on medical treatments and the use of healthcare services.”

Is Iran Have Potential For Medical Tourism?

Many citizens in the Arab countries, including Kuwait, Qatar, and Iraq, now come to Iran.They treat in equipped hospitals of Iran  , instead of European countries, because the distance with Iran is shorter and can be easily dispatched to your country after treatment and that the cost of treatment in Iran is much lower than in Europe.
Most of those who come to Iran for treatment are amazed by the growth and development of medical science in our country, and are very pleased with the process of treatment and medical facilities.

Medical tourism is currently developed and number of patients who come for treatment is increase,from many countries like Arab countries,(Iraq,Oman, … )Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and other.

Hospitals in Shiraz City

  1. Namazi Hospital
  2. Faqihi Hospital
  3. Chamran Hospital
  4. Rajaei Hospital(Trauma Center)
  5. Khalili Hospital
  6. Hafez Hospital
  7. Zainabia hospital shiraz
  8. Asgar Ali Hospital
  9. Ghotb Al Din Hospital
  10. Ebnesina Hospital
  11. Shahid Dastgheib Hospital
  12. Fatemezahra Hospital
  13. Shoushtari Hospital
  14. Asab-va-ravan Hospital
  15. Shahid Beheshti Hospital
  16. Moslemin Hospital
  17. Artesh Hospital
  18. Janat Hospital
  19. Iran Hospital
  20. Mozafari Hospital
  21. Dr.Mir Hospital
  22. Pars Hospital
  23. Shahr Hospital
  24. Dr.Mir Hussein Hospital
  25. Alavi Hospital
  26. kasra Hospital
  27. Kowsar Hospital
  28. Dr. FarahmandFar Hospital
  29. Shafa Hospital
  30. Moshir Hospital
  31. Ordibehest Hospital
  32. Dena Hospital
  33. Shiraz Central Hospital
  34. Dr. Khodadoust Hospital
  35. Ghadir Mother and Child Hospital
  36. Amir Hospital
  37. Be’sat Hospital
  38. Doran Hospital
  39. Neuroscience Hospital
  40. Nader Kazemi Shiraz Health Center
  41. Abu-Ali Sina Hospital

Hospitals in Iran Shiraz

Iran Tour



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