Iran Tour Package-Travel To Iran

Iran Tour Package-Travel To Iran


Trip To Iran By Sadra Shiraz Hotel,Iran tour,Iran travel. Iran tour package just in sadra hotel
Trip To Iran By Sadra Shiraz Hotel

Iran Tourism

Is Iran a good tourist destination?

Escape from tensions of life and avoiding everyday chaos and re-discovering the beauty of life can only be found on the journey.Travel to Iran and  get Iran Tour package to see this beautiful country.Tour of Iran is different. Tour of Iran contains Iran food tour, Iran desert tour, Iran classic tour, Iran 7 days tour and more.
Traveling to every corner of this earth can be joy of life. Tourists who travel to Iran for the first time will completely eliminate the beauty and attractiveness of Iran and talk about Iran. From north to south from east to west is beautiful and full of incredible things. The most popular tourist destinations are Northern Iran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan, Mashhad, Yazd . There is undoubtedly great scope for increased visitors from the Islamic world, and possibly also from non-Muslim countries with which Iran is developing business and political links, such as China and India. Iranian people welcoming you with a heart that’s full of happiness. Iranian hospitality with warm people can may your trip to Iran memorable. Iranian People Love Tourist. Every tourist that travel to Iran said the best part of travelling to Iran is Persian hospitality.Iran is famous for it.

Iran is wide country with unique history.Iran Tourism has grown very fast. Iran is in list of Top Destination on world. You may think that you never heard about good things about Iran,but believe me that’s the effect of politics and media.we talk about it later and show you the real Iran.

Top Iran Destination,Shiraz,Yazd,Isfahan,Kashan,Tehran
Top Iran Destination

Iran Tourism Over View

Is Iran  good for travel?

I have good and enough reason to say YES Iran Is GOOD. Iran have good potential in tourism industry. According to UNESCO, Iran is among the top 10 countries in the UNESCO list. Iran has 24 historical and cultural monuments registered at UNESCO. Just travel to this city and see this historical and natural antiquities take more that 7 days tour. If you love historical place or natural place, Iran is good for you to travel. Give you best reason to travel more than once.You can Get Iran Tour Package to see this places.

Masjed-e Jāmé of Isfahan
Iran Tour Package

Weather in Iran

What is the best time to visit Iran?

The Best Time To Visit Iran is Spring,Summer, Autumn and Winter.I have good reasons to say Iran is 4 season country, due to different temperature from north to south and East to West, you can have different experience in every part of Iran.When the weather is cold and rainy in the north, it is hot and sunny in the south. It’s a charm of the country.mild and quite wet on the coast of the Caspian Sea, continental and arid in the plateau, cold in high mountains, desert and hot on the southern coast and in the southeast.

Eram Garden In Fall In Shiraz-iran tour package in shiraz
Eram Garden In Fall In Shiraz

In December until February the weather is cold , especially in the northeast and west, but good for skiing.Some mountain roads can be impassable.price is lower than ever. This time is the best time to travel to Iran because it is neither crowded nor expensive hotels, you can see the beauty of winter also enjoy the sunny day.

In march until may is high season of Iran. the weather is mild and quite wet, but this season it crowded,the price of hotels are going up.

In June , July , August the temperature goes up to 30°C (86°F),the weather is hot,But not in the whole country.price is lower than high season.Temperature is good and weather is nice in north of Iran. in this months people go to north of Iran.

In September and October , the weather is moderate. price of hotel is not expensive not cheap.

Honestly if you aren’t fan of hot weather and Cold weather, travel to Iran from March until May and from late September to early November.

The Fact of Iranian people

Iranian people and Hospitality 

Iran is one of those countries that likes tourist and foreign tourist and they treat them like jewelry. in one word when you heard the word of IRAN  the first things cross your mind before visiting Iran are hijab and mosque or war or …,maybe. But the people is different from POLITICS AND MEDIA. Iran is also very misunderstood, with many people believing whatever propaganda they hear on the media about how dangerous or difficult it is to travel there.

I think every traveler who has been to Iran can agree: Iranian hospitality is remarkable.  Firstly, in Islam the hospitality relationship is triangular; it consists of the host, the guest, and God. To be treated with hospitality is a right of a guest, rather than a gift, and the duty to supply it is a duty to God.
Secondly, this undying hospitality can be attributed to the culture of tarof. Tarof is a strange yet beautiful Iranian custom that travelers need to understand. Tarof is a concept that cannot be directly translated into English, but it means something like, to offer. The idea is that you always offer something to someone, to be polite. This offer is a tarof. Though the person offering should be prepared if the other accepts, in most circumstances, it is polite to refuse the offer. This refusal can also be another tarof. Confused? It’s funny for tourist but you most travel to Iran to experience it.

Experience tarof in  Iran tour package
Experience tarof in Iran tour package

Iran Tour Package

Tour Of Iran

Iran is vast country with incredible nature and fantastic architecture. Iran Tourism can benefit from it. Iran tour package include beautiful and historical place, Pristine nature, incredible desert, modern cites,modern facilities for medical tourism( Iran med tour) and …

The Iran tour can be tailor made for you or get full Iran tour package that organize before. Sadra Shiraz Hotel has this honor to help you get Iran tour package. Sadra Shiraz Hotel is one of the three star hotel that has this power to get any Iran tour package or classic tours or private tours or any tour of Iran that you want. we would be happy to help you get any kinds of tours in Iran. Sadra Shiraz Hotel wants best time for you.

You can reserve Shiraz Hotel via email in our contact form. 

Best Iran Tours

Every city and part of Iran is full of beautiful nature, exquisite architecture, and ancient history that you can not visit it just by one day or just on trip. Traveler said that when they enter Iran they can’t decide where to start , from popular cites or unpopular cities that unfamiliar with. The best way to choose best Iran tours  is check every corner of google to find your favorite because Iran is vast  and every corner of Iran can fascinate you. may have a hard time deciding where to start but with googling you can choose yours.

in addition we recommend some best Iran tours and all of them can be Iran private tour or Iran tailor made tour, so don’t worry about anythings just enjoy our country.

first of all if you love nature we recommend  Iran nature tour.This tour include every little things to big ones to introduce you to nature of Iran, but be careful choose the goal,  for example if you love nomad tour and nature tour tell your Iran tour operator to get you familiar with their hand craft and their foods. lifestyle of people in Iran is different in every corner.

Type of Iran tour 

Iran Eco Tour

Iran visitors can explore Iran’s beautiful wildlife and nature with Iran Eco Tours This kind of Iran tours is participating at the International Tourism Course too.

Cultural Tour

Iran Cultural Tours (or Iran culture tours) is the subset of Iran tourism concerned with  Iran region’s culture, specifically the lifestyle of the Iranian people, the history of Iran people, their art, architecture, religion(s), and other elements that helped shape Persian way of life.

Nomad Tour

Iran Nomad Tours is a kind of Iran Adventure Tours, our Iran tour operators are expertise in the Iran Nomad Tours. There are several Nomad tribe like as Qashqais, Bakhtiaris and Shahsevan that you will enjoy their hospitality when you travel to Iran.

Historical Tour

Iran history tours focus on a fascinating range of Iran historical events and Iran political themes. These include Iran Wars, and etc.

City Tour

With Iran City tours you will discover the Iranian cities from a new perspective. Travel to Iran with visiting favorite destination for short sightseeing tours.

Luxury Tour

Iran Luxury Tours let you travel and experience Iran highlights in full luxury theme. Your Iran luxury tour will be with professional tour leader traveling with you and are inclusive of all your meals in the best restaurants.

Budget Tour

Iran budget tours are designed for those Iran visitors who want to visit  Iran with the low budget.

Desert Tour

Iran visitors can experience true camel treks and Iran desert tours with all the magic of the Iran Deserts.

Adventure Tour

Iran adventure Tours is for Iran travelers of any size that are interest in adventure. It offers a lot of flexibility and possibilities in setting of Iran tours.

Medical Tours

Iran has grown a lot in medical tourism industry. Although health tourism has been officially introduced since 2003 ,but medical tourism in Iran  known for ophthalmologist surgery, cancer and organ transplantation, eye diseases. The main city in Iran for medical tourism is Tehran and Shiraz. You are in middle of affordable treatment and talented doctors and best chance to get well soon in cozy environment.

Iran Food Tour

Everyone in this world  knows cooking  needs years of experience, knowing spices, how to use them and of course being an amazing Mom. Moms are amazing cooker, they add spice with lots of love and make lovely food. Persian Cuisine with amazing chef can bring back your joy.  You don’t know how to cook ?! In this Iran food tour you get to know even you never cook. During the experience you will learn:

One Persian style starter;
One Persian style main dish;
One Persian style dessert;
One Persian style traditional drink;
Persian Traditional/Medical Eating habits;

and more

Sample of Iran Tour Package

Iran Classical Tour:

In this classic Iran tour you see the highlight of Iran.See the city and historical part and modernity part of can take this tour in 7 days or more or less than this,It depends on you how to take it. 

Routes: ShirazYazdMaybod NainEsfahanKashanTehran

You have your private guide in all of the city,this guide manage every thing during tours in whole can make this tailor made iran tour package by adding or eliminate some cities.

Iran Classic Tour Package. iran tour package
Iran Classic Tour Package

Iran 7 days Tour ( Iran ski tour package):

In this ski tour,you Skiing in the northern mountains of Iran and then relaxing and swimming in the southern coast of Iran.

Routes: Arriving in Tehran, Go to 4000 meter Tochal peak,Enjoy a full day of skiing at the resort,Fly to Kish Island,Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Wake boarding,Exploring Kish Island,Flying back to the capital.

You have your private guide in all of the city,this guide manage every thing during tours in whole can make this tailor made Iran tour package by adding or eliminate some cities.

Ski Tours In Iran-Iran Tour Package
Ski Tours In Iran

Iran desert tour

Iran desert tour offers you a real adventure into the magnificent Iranian desert. in this tour you’ll stay at the local houses, experience camel riding and desert sightseeing. Iran desert tour and desert Safari includes desert hiking, desert camping, sand boarding and sand skiing in the central desert of Iran.

Shahdad Desert-iran desert tour-IRAN TOUR PACKAGE
Shahdad Desert

Iran food tour

Iran food tour offer you delicious Persian foods.  It may strange from first place due to Iranian style cooking but it is delicious. you can read  some of Persian dishes recipe at Sadra Iran Shiraz Hotel. In this tour you become familiar with perfect Iranian kitchen that include some secret to make amazing dishes. Iran’s culinary need experience you can learn it if you trip to Iran.

Iran Nature Tour

Iran nature tour can be fascinating for who love original nature. this tour is 18 days but if you can get tailor made tour. it start from tehran to Kashan – Qamsar – Matinabad desert- Abyaneh – Isfahan – Shahrekord – Yasuj – Shiraz.

During this tour you experience hiking and camping.This tour is all about living and enjoy nature.

Iran Masal Tour

The duration of this tour is 2 days and 1 night.It start from Tehran and a head to Rasht – Masal. During this tour you experience Hiking, trekking, biking, rafting, and kayaking, this tour is all about living and enjoy nature. Service in this tour is basic,5 meal and staying at local accommodation.

iran masal tour

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