Hafez Shiraz Iran Tour

Hafez Shiraz Iran Tour

 Hafez Shiraz Iran Tour

Hafez Shiraz Iran Tour

Name: Khajeh Shamseddin Mohammad bin Baha’addin Hafez Shirazi Hafez Shirazi

Place of birth: Shiraz

Date of birth: 727 Lunar

Date of death: 792 Lunar

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Hafez Shiraz Iran TourKhajeh Shamseddin Muhammad bin Baha’addin Hafiz Shirazi (born in 727 (Lunar)) – died 792 (Lunar), known as Lassan al-Ghab, Trujman al-Asrar, Lassan al-Arafa and Nazim al-Awliah, the great poet of the eighth century (from the 14th century AD).

There is not much information about Khajeh Hafez’s family and ancestors, apparently his father was Baha’uddin, and his mother was also from Kazeroon.

Most of his poetry is known for  Ghazals. Hafez’s trend is well-known in Khajavi Kermani’s way of speaking and similarity. He is one of the most influential influential poets of his time. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, his poetry was translated into European languages, and his name was literally circulated to Western world literary circles. Every year, on October 12, Hafez hosted a major ceremony at the site of his tomb in Shiraz with the participation of Iranian and foreign scholars. According to the official Iranian calendar, this day is called Hafiz’s Great Day. Hafez or hafiz both is correct.

Hafez Shiraz Iran Tour Hafez Shiraz Iran Tour


If the breeze of Your hair at Hafiz’s tomb makes a stop

A hundred thousand tulips will adorn his grave-top




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Hafez job

you can be in shiraz,iran in special dayDuring the king’s time, Sheikh Abu Sahag (d. 758 AH) went to court and probably worked there. In addition to Shah Aboashaq, the king of Al-Muzaffar, including Shah Sheikh Mobraz al-Din, Shah Shuja, Shah Mansour and Shah Yahya, was also in the court. The poet was not his main worker, and his livelihood was provided through another job (probably at the court).

According to Some historians, before meeting Hajji Zayn al-Attar, Hāfez had been working in a local bakery. Hāfez delivered bread to a rich quarter of the town where he saw Shakh-e Nabat, allegedly a woman of great beauty, to whom some of his poems are addressed

There is a controversy about the exact year of his birth and his life between historians and memory patrons. What is certain is his birth in the early eighth century and after 710, believed to predominate between 720 and 729 AH.


Death and funeral of Hafez

There is less difference between historians in the year of his death, and most of them are 792 lunar. His birthplace was Shiraz and was buried in the same city.

it call the tomb of hafez,hafeziyeh.you can be in shiraz,iran in special day

It is narrated that when they wanted to burial Hafez, some of the fanatics, referring to the poems of Hafez, were opposed to the burial of Muslims, and, in contrast, they considered him a Muslim and believer. They were supposed to take the funeral by opening of his book, which came this way:

Neither Hafiz’s corpse, nor his life negate,
With all his misdeeds, heavens for him wait.

This poem affects the poet’s evil-doers and turns them off.


Hafiz tomb in Iranian banknotes and coins

The Banknotes from Iran from 1341 to 1358 were with a view of the tomb of Hafez Shiraz Iran tour. The coins of the five rials of bronze from Iran from 1371 to 1378 were decorated with the role of the tomb of Hafez Shiraz Iran tour.

you can be in shiraz,iran in special day




you can be in shiraz,iran in special day The Divan of Hafez shiraz iran tour, which consists of about 500 sonnets(Ghazals), several verses, two masnavi, several pieces and a number of immortals, has been published in more than 400 different forms in Persian and other languages ​​of the world. Perhaps the number of simple or illustrated manuscripts in libraries in Iran, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Turkey and even Western countries is higher than any other poets. It is safe to say that the most popular Persian poetry is Ghazal. , And the Ghazals is to be considered a literary poet, which is suitable for singing, singing and singing.Although Hafiz has linked Mowlana’s mystical ghazal and Sa’di’s love poetry, his main innovation is in the brilliant, independent, and lavish singularities that he has composed. The independence that Hafez has given to the sonnets in this way greatly influenced the structure of the Quran’s surahs.


Hafez in the world

Memorial to the Goethe-Hafez Dialogue in the West-East Divine Court of Goethe, located in Weimar, Germany.Hafez Shiraz Iran Tour

Goethe, the most genius of German poetry, “The East-West Divan”, was influenced by the “Divan Hafiz”, and the second chapter assigned it as “Hafez-e-Mail” to poetry in Hafez’s pamphlet.

Another native German poet and philosopher, Nietzsche, also presented to him in the Court of Hearing and Wisdom a poem entitled “To Hafiz (The Voice of Nunchang, A Question of an Enchant)”.


Faal Hafez


Hafez Shiraz Iran TourIt is a common to find a divan of Hafez in every home in Iran today. according to iranian old customs on national and religious days such as Nowruz and Yalda night, Divan of hafez is in there night and Iranian people read the poems of hafiz.To do this, one of the elders of the family, or someone who can read poetry well or someone who believes that the so-called “good” horoscope, will first be intentional, that is, in the heart of hope. Then he accidentally open a page of Hafez’s book and begins to read,in iran they call this action “fal (similar meaning in English is fortune telling “.







Ghazal 79

The heavenly breeze comes to this estate,
I sit with the wine and a lovely mate.
Why can’t the beggar play the king’s role?
The sky is the dome, the earth is my state.
The green grass feels like Paradise;
Why would I trade this for the garden gate?
With bricks of wine build towers of love,
Being bricks of clay is our final fate.
Seek no kindness of those full of hate,
People of the mosque with the church debate.
Don’t badmouth me, don’t blacken my name;
Only God can, my story narrate.
Neither Hafiz’s corpse, nor his life negate,
With all his misdeeds, heavens for him wait.

Ghazal 449

O thou, who considers separation of lovers fair
Keep lovers away from your side with your glare
I am thirsty in my desert, lead me to clear waters
With the hope of God’s mercy, this path of yours you forbear.
You stole my heart, dissolved my soul, but
Better than you have treated me, of the others take care.
When my foes drink their wine from my cup
I cannot accept it, if fair you declare.
Listen fly; Phoenix’s flight-path is not your air
You ruin your own name, and us you tire and wear.
Through your own deeds, you are now poor & bare
From complaints & your cries, I beg you, us spare.
Even kings, through their service fill their chair
Hope for nothing, if you will not do your share.



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