Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran Tour

Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran Tour

Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran Tour

Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran Tour

Delgosha Garden

Location: Delgosha Garden is located in the northeastern part of Shiraz and in a close to Tomb of Saadi.

Dynasty: Sasanian period

Nearby : Tomb of Saadi ,Shah Cheraq, Haftnam Museum,The Guran Gate and The Khajavi Kermani Tomb ,Hafez Tomb.

    Position Of Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran Tour


Delgosha Garden is located in the north of Shiraz and in a close to Tomb of Saadi and Hafez Tomb.the oldest garden of Shiraz is the Delgosha Garden facing us. This 6 hectare garden has survived in the worst state of history. Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran TourDelgosha garden has been destroyed and rebuilt many times, but it continues to be vibrant and lush. The reason for the vitality and liveliness of this garden was his first architects who built it on the old Shiraz.Delgosha Garden is located head-on a hill called Kohandeh which has been found in the Sassanid era.

That’s why some experts attribute the garden to the Sassanid period. Historical sources have pointed to the Delgosha Garden in the Timurid, Zandieh, Afshariyah and Qajar periods. The garden has been rebuilt many times.



Iranian garden architecture


When you enter the Delgosha garden, as in many Iranian gardens, the water invites you to the heart of the garden, where the beautiful Paleolithic mansion is at the intersection of the North-South and East-West Gardens. The three-floor cellar mansion is now dedicated to displaying historical objects such as coins, clothing and radio.Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran Tour

Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran Tour view

Orange Blossom in Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran Tour


Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran TourShiraz is known as the city of beautiful gardens and full of history and of course known as city of orange blossom.3000 orange trees are in Delgosha garden and annually blossom in the spring. If you visit this garden in April you will love smelling aroma of  orange blossoms .Their enticing aroma embellishes all the streets around. In addition to orange and orange trees, cypress, walnut, pine, palm, Judas and other decorative trees are shaded on the sidewalks of this garden.


Delgosha Garden was registered in the Iranian National Heritage List in 2002 and is one of the first examples of Iranian garden architecture.

    The pavilion of the Delgosha Garden


One of the most important parts of Persian Garden is center, which can be a palace, a beautiful building, a pool or pond or a combination of these. Inside Delgosha’s garden is a mansion in the center. In the Persian gardens , building usually built in some of the best scenery, and these buildings are elevated and extraterrestrial.Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran Tour

The pavilion of the Delgosha Shiraz Garden has a large hall. The architecture reminds the Sasanian palace of Bishapur. This beautiful three-storey building has been decorated with mirroring, gilding and paintings of flower designs by various inhabitants.The pavilion of the Delgosha  is the place of the generation behind the generation of people whose Soul of poetry and the secrets of this garden were in their lives. Each generation has tried to keep the garden alive and keep a beautiful memorial on the walls and walls of the mansion.The length of this rectangular garden is now 360 and the width is 160 meters and has an area of about 57,000 square meters, and the appearance of this garden combines Jahannahma and Eram Garden in mind. This garden is made in the style of Iranian gardens; the shape of the rectangle, the main building located in the middle of the garden and the intersection of the two streets of the north-south and east-west of the garden, as well as the flow of water element is an architectural features of Iranian garden that delights into the eyes.

Museums Of Delgosha Garden


There is a museum of this building, which gives you the opportunity to visit historical objects.On the first floor of the museum, a collection of ancient coins, such as the 2nd coin, is displayed on one side of Achaemenid kingdom of Pahlavi. An interesting Qur’an written on the skin of a deer, clothing, tableau, utensils, stamps, matches, old bicycles, and Iranian maps belonging to different periods of history are other items that are displayed. The fascinating and somewhat weird section of this museum is a radio collection. You will visit the other floor of the museum from a precious collection of 50 radios, each of which belongs to a generation of technology to make this the first media in the world.The unique radios of this museum are work with oil that has an interesting engineering structure.

Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran Tour

Delgosha Garden Shiraz Iran Tour

P.s :If you visited  Delgosha Garden, especially in the spring(April), you can buy some floral bouquets for jam or near the entrance, so do not try to pick the blossoms out of the trees because picking up the bloom has a special skill and may damage the branches. Around Delgosha Garden there are many shops for the delicious souvenirs of this city.


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